A slump? No idea what that is – Takane to Hana 33.

Er, um, d-don’t ask questions and just thump, um, I mean, read the chapter.

Takane to Hana 33 is here! Takane-san is feeling miserable, and so is Hana. But it’s up to Hana to save the day. How will they resolve this issue?

We’re uploading Takane to Hana chapters to AoC Translations’ reader. You’ll have to register on their site to view the chapters. Due to the manga being licensed in English, readers from the US and Canada won’t be able to access the AoC reader. But wait! Don’t worry. If you don’t want to register or you still want to read it somewhere else, it’s all fine. You can read it on Mangadex or download the chapter instead.

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Takane to Hana 33:



Thanks for reading as always! And remember the staff who worked so hard on this release.

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20 Replies to “A slump? No idea what that is – Takane to Hana 33.”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks so much for translating this chapter!

    Err…I get a 404 Page Not Found Error when I try to follow the AoC link.

  2. I LOOVVEDDD ITT!! thank you so so much for your hard work translating it!! i’ve been waiting for it for more than a month, but it was so worth it!! THANK YOUU!! can’t wait for the new chapter!

    1. Since the manga is licensed in English, we’re not making downloads for older chapters anymore. Sorry. 🙁

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    I’m dying for the next chapter and dreaming about it…. Will it take long time for the next update?

  4. You guys are life savers *sobs* I wish I had money so I could donate :'( Thank u so much for ur efforts. I thought the manga was on hiatus since chapter 34 is in no sight..

    1. It’s OK. <3 As long as you enjoy the chapter, that's the best and most important thing. Chapter 34 is coming. 😀

  5. Hello just wondering will there be more translations for takane to hana? I really love the manga but sadly do not understand Japanese 🙁

  6. Thank you so much for your priceless work, but when is the next English chapter of Takane to Hana going to be published? It’s been months and I’m OBSESSED with this manga. PLEASE try your best to release the latest chapter!
    A fan 🙂

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