Happy Birthday Nora – Kainushi wa Akuma 17&18.

Growing up is a pain.

It’s finally here. More Kainushi wa Akuma is finally here. Now, now, before you get mad, look, two chapters! Not just the usual two chapters though! Chapters 17 AND 18, one volume worth of Kainushi wa Akuma. Thank you so much for waiting!

Hope you enjoy the new chapters!

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    • Cleaners – DIRE need
    • Redrawers – VERY DIRE NEED

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Kainushi wa Akuma Chapters 17 and 18:



Thanks for reading as always! And remember the staff who worked so hard on this release.

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12 Replies to “Happy Birthday Nora – Kainushi wa Akuma 17&18.”

  1. You made my day! Ok let’s start the story from the first chapter 😀
    Thanks a lot for the hard work ^^

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